Hi, my name is Bashkim Iljazi, many people know me as Mario.

In 1990, I migrated to New York, with the American dream in mind. As in most immigrant families, my childhood mario-roma-ny-style-pizza-league-city-texaslessons include the benefit of hard work and striving to be the best of the best. I have been in the pizza restaurant business for over 20 years. In New York, I was very well known at working in the pizza industry for creating the perfect traditional pizza pie.

In 2009 we relocated the tradition to Arizona where we created our own authentic New York styled pizza restaurant called Mario’s Pizza, located in El Mirage. We had a very successful business as the customers became our friends and some like family. People would come from all over to get a slice or a whole pizza. Some would celebrate anniversaries while others celebrated birthday parties. It was a very good time in our lives serving the customers and friends of the community.

Then tragedy struck as it sometimes does in life in an unexpected way.

My wife’s mother became critically ill, and my wife kept flying back and forth to take care of her when she was at her worst. At the end of December 2015 we had to make the tough decision to sell our restaurant and move to League City, Texas.  I did not think it would be wise to remove my mother-in-law from her current medical environment. She now lives with us where we can make sure that she is taken care of in a great way with the family.

During this time I worked for months constructing a new pizzeria in League City. This new pizzeria is known as Roma Pizza where I create my pizza pies. I have applied my best efforts to create the environment that all families will enjoy for all occasions. From everyday activity to those special moments in life to create the perfect memories that will be cherished for years to come.

“Our Commitment to You”

We are committed to using the finest and freshest ingredients in our recipes. Food does not leave our kitchen that we ourselves would not eat. With our dough made fresh from scratch daily. The pizza is always hand tossed then we add our homemade pizza sauce. Topping it off with the freshest ingredients of your choice. Then we cook the pizza to perfection in the hot brick oven to create the best texture and taste for you.

“We Build Relationships”

The main goal of Roma Pizza is that our customers become our family. A relationship that we build with our customers is a relationship that will last. We wish to provide every single one of our customers with great hospitality, service, and delicious food.