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Italian Chandelier Identity – Identifiable

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An Italian chandelier is one of those known world luxuries as being among the most inventive, highly decorative, and sumptuously styled chandeliers on the face of the earth.
Italian Chandelier – a chandelier from Italy – from a nation with a long and glorious history of excellence in food, architecture, clothing among many other things – rich culture and warm romance – Italy – home of the famous Italian Chandeliers.
The glory though of Italian Chandeliers made it a constant subject to modern reproductions. While Italian chandeliers were originally manufactured only in Italy, these days its distinctive Italian design is now manufactured in many other parts of the world, becoming a value commodity of the world. Over the years, Italian chandeliers have begun to look increasingly like its western chandelier counterparts, stripped of its very first original identity.
In addition to this, there are many different sorts of materials to which the Italian style chandelier could be applied to currently.
Yet although two Italian chandeliers may seem to look rather different from each other, there still remains some of the original features of the Italian style and hence an instantly recognizable Italian Chandelier.
Italian Chandeliers are easily identifiable since very often, they are multi tiered and multi armed, consisting of several levels of lights for more brilliant lumos and having numerous protruding arms in warm welcome – Creating a truly impressive and overwhelming Italian image. Italian chandeliers also distinctively project to a sense of Rococo sensibility and style particular to the Italian Baroque Era, ideal for its rustic appeal with classy glass shades, ornate detailing and shapely curves.
Italian Chandelier – whether hand painted of polished, whether a small brass chandelier or an iron or crystal one, a brass and ceramic or a Medici iron and glass, 6 armed or a massive 14 plus armed. The Italian Chandelier style is unmistakable whichever way.
One can still find an authentic piece of an Italian Chandelier, typically made of wood and frequently having candle shaped bulbs. One can find an authentic antique piece often sold at an auction house or a specialty antique store for tens of thousands of dollars. Yet it is as elegant as expensive.
Having an authentic antique Italian chandelier or just a reproduction is to bring all the romance of Italy into your home. Nothing else creates a beautiful and luxurious atmosphere quite like an Italian chandelier. Destined as an heirloom. Gives charm to any room. Design a home with an Italian light!