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Competition for Public Domain Works

Public Domain works cannot be ‘used’ up like a regular resource, such as oil or coal. So, if
one entrepreneur (or infopreneur) taps up a public domain work on ‘making more money’
or ‘public speaking’, nothing is stopping you from using the same resource for your own
business venture.

How does that work?

Let’s take a real-world, non public domain example. Consider the number of pizza joints in
your town? Quite a lot, aren’t they? And yet, almost every month or so, you hear of a new
pizza place opening up. Essentially, what are these people doing?

They are taking an idea, and differentiating it to build a business.

There’s a powerful business idea enshrined in that sentence. What is it?

There are seldom new ideas, but there are always new products.

You don’t need to ‘invent’ something, or ‘create’ something that is ‘new’. In fact, all you
need to do is follow the two basic marketing principles:

* Find an idea or need that is in hot demand (we already discussed this when you
learned how to research your market);
* Find a new way to package and sell that idea / solution.

There are details, but if you are looking to keep one eye on the ‘big picture’, these are the
two steps any successful business MUST have taken.

You can use the same information/public domain work that someone else has used, and
create your own product from it!

But wait…What about market competition?

That’s a very good point and an important one in this case. If too many people start
marketing the same type of products (that is, there is too much competition in one market),
it isn’t as profitable as before to start a business in that niche.

However, it’s important to understand the ‘nature’ of the Public Domain.

The Public Domain is not a business in itself. It is the information, the knowledge
contained in public domain works that can be used within a business.

In other words, the public domain is a very powerful resource. Nothing more. Since
everyone can essentially use the same information, you can have a situation in which the
same knowledge, packaged in more or less the same formats, is saturating the market.