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Naples, the province is the capital of the Campania region in Southern Italy. It is composed of 92 comune or municipalities. The capital of the province is also named Naples (that comes from many derivation like, Napoli, Napule, Neapolis), which means “new city”. The city of Naples is one of Italy’s largest cities. The city is rich both in culture and history.

A long time ago, legend has it that the historic city was home to the Parthenopean Nymphs, half-bird and half-human mythological creatures. With their dazzling songs that echo through the vast seas of the Bay of Naples, they attract sailors passing through the area. Many disasters at sea that caused hundreds of shipwrecks were attributed to the nymphs’ songs. The legendary hero from Ithaca, Ulysses along with his crewmen, were able to survive the curse of the nymphs by putting wax into their ears and tying his men into the mainmast of the ship.

Passing through modern day history the Greeks through a series of attacks invaded the city. In the medieval times, the place was under the rule of Valentiniano III in 450-455 AD. In the 9th century, the city became one of the duchies or territories of the Norsemen. The city has had many rulers that brought many changes. The city became the capital of the kingdom of Sicily in 1266 under the leadership of Charles I of Angio. During the 16th century it became the capital of the Spanish viceroyalty by Don Pedro Alvarez of Toledo. After so many years of being under the rulership of foreign invaders the city was reunited with Italy in 1860.

Lovers of pizza all over the world would have the Neapolitans (the people of Naples) to thank for. Pizza originated in Naples, along with other Italian dishes that made the country and the city famous for. Gourmet food like the stuffed pizza or calzone, potato croquette and pastry products always go with few glasses of wine or coffee. Affordable restaurants dotted the narrow streets of the city center that welcome every eager visitor to dine and enjoy the Neapolitan way of enjoying life.

Everyday, the city is pulsating with vivacity. All city streets are alive all day and night. Walking along every corner is better than taking a cab or a car to avoid being caught in heavy traffic. Tourists have so many things to look forward to when in this part of Italy. The cornucopia of delightful sights is endless. Mt. Vesuvius, which acts as a sentinel and a threat is yet another must-see sight. The area is surrounded with many islands that promise another wonderful trip. The islands of Ischia, Procida and Capri along with the places of Pompeii and Herculaneum are waiting for visitors to explore the area.

Shopping in Naples is one challenging act to do. Open markets are spread all over the city. There are many trinkets and good finds to choose from and purchase. A word of advice though for the first-timers, it is better to keep the wallets inside the pockets to avoid being fooled around. The narrow streets are filled with many tourists and locals and you’ll never know whom you will be dealing with. It is better to keep necessary precautions than regret in the end. After all staying in Naples is worth a great deal of adventure, fun and la dolce vita.