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Families are very busy these days and going in many directions. Sometimes it is just too time consuming to enjoy making dinner. A good option is to order pizza and have it delivered. You can call it in or in some instances even order your pizza online. Most will allow you to pay with a credit or debit card when you place the order too. This is very convenient because not everyone has cash on hand to pay for the pizza when it shows up. This is a great way to get more accomplished during that frame of time you would otherwise be making dinner and then cleaning it up.

They will deliver your hot and fresh pizza to your door. They have insulated bags that hold the heat in. Of course during peak dinner hours you many have to wait a while to get your pizza. During football season Sunday afternoons often have a longer wait as well. This is because no one wants to miss the game to cook or to go pick up the pizza.

Most pizza restaurants have a certain radius when it comes to where they will deliver. If you live outside of that area they may not deliver at all or they may choose to charge you a fee. In some instances you have to order a certain dollar amount before they can justify the delivery of the food to you.

With the cost of gas these days as well as the time to deliver the food it is in their best interest to have such guidelines. Many will offer to deliver your pizza in a set time frame too or it is free. If your local pizza restaurant doesn’t offer deliver you should mention it to them. Let them know you would order pizza more often if they did so.

For some individuals, delivering pizza is a great job. You will need your own vehicle, proof of a driver’s license, and proof of insurance. They generally get paid an hourly wage, mileage, and then tips from customers when they deliver the pizza. Many young people find this to get a great first job too.