VIP’s (family)

Hey, I’m Mario a family man with a great values.

Along with this comes a woman with a strong values as well. This is my wife Eva, sometimes she will tell me, “Mariomario-cooking-at-roma-pizza-league-city-texas you have to do something special!” Something to show your appreciation to these customers (family) for being loyal.

I think to myself, How will I be able to tell these people about something special that I can do for them? I only know how to make the pizza and dishes.

The thought hit me then I asked the site developer how I could make both parties happy at the same time. He created a page just for you.

As any family man knows, “if momma ain’t happy, nobody is happy.”

Feel free to fill in the form below to get notified when Eva tells me that we need to do something special for you. This will make her so happy to be able to share our appreciation.

P.S. This is only for our frequent customers (family). These are un-advertised notifications specially created for you from our family to yours for special enjoyment. Just a way for us to show our appreciation to our loyal customers.


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